From idea to impact - a partnership supporting LDCs in harnessing the power of trade, every step of the way

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The EIF brings together partners and resources to support Least Developed Countries in using trade for poverty reduction, inclusive growth and sustainable development.


countries with trade integrated into their National Development Plan

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analytical studies identifying constraints to trade

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projects supporting trade capacity building

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women worldwide are the direct beneficiaries of several EIF projects

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Partnering for change

Least Developed Countries

An equal voice for LDCs ensures genuine ownership, not just of the results but of the Framework itself. The EIF's support is designed to ensure that the programme is demand-driven with the LDCs taking the driver’s seat and managing their trade and development agenda.

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Donors bring financial resources to the EIF Trust Fund but equally importantly, their participation unlocks their networks and ensures the EIF's work is integrated with bilateral, regional and global development efforts.

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Agency representation guarantees that the latest in development thinking is brought to every discussion. The EIF Core Agencies bring invaluable expertise and considerable resources to the table.

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Trade and livelihoods

Contributing to the growth of sesame export revenues and improving the incomes of rural farmers

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Trade and Gender

Meet a young woman from Cambodia who received silk production training through an EIF project

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