The trust fund

with contributions from 24 donors


The EIF programme is supported by a Multi-Donor Trust Fund with contributions from 24 donors.

Total funding currently received is approximately US$203 million with total pledges of US$253 million to be disbursed over a five year period. In 2007 at the High-Level Conference in Stockholm pledges were made of up to US$170 million, against a target of US$250 million.

Current Status

In Million USD

Funding Target 250.00
Donor Pledges 87.52
Donor Pledges 253.94
Donor Pledges 89.67
Funds Secured 19.01
Funds Secured 250.86
Funds Secured 70.46
Funds Received 3.91
Funds Received 204.31
Funds Received 27.38
Allocations/Commitments 1.21
Allocations/Commitments 204.38
Allocations/Commitments 8.26
Disbursement Made 0.21
Disbursement Made 177.41
Disbursement Made 4.74
Available For Allocation 2.70
Available For Allocation -0.07
Available For Allocation 19.12
Projects in the Pipeline 3.63
Projects in the Pipeline 2.31
Projects in the Pipeline 16.95

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The United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS) acts as the EIF Trust Fund Manager in support of the programme. Contact UNOPS at: and visit the UNOPS website to find out more

The Trust Fund Manager has signed Contribution Arrangements with all donors to the Trust Fund and has concluded Partnership Agreements with: ITC, UNCTAD, UNIDO and UNDP, and the World Bank, and exchanged letters with WTO.