WTO accession
23 November 1996
2011 data - Sources: UNCTAD, World Bank, WTO, UN Comtrade

Angola's Diagnostic Trade Integration Study (DTIS) was validated in July 2007. The primary goal in the DTIS was to provide Angola with a plan to reactivate its productive sectors. There is a focus on agriculture and manufacturing sectors in order to diversify the economy, reducing oil dependency, while building an export capacity that could lead to a better integration of Angola into the international markets. This primary goal supports the objective of building strong export capacities of non-oil sectors in the medium to long-term.


Main progresses to date

The Government of Angola is in the process of nominating participants for the composition of the National Steering Committee and has put forth significant efforts with development partners, both in-country and abroad, concerning the role of Donor Facilitator. Mr Prado Farmhouse, Director of International Cooperation with the Ministry of Trade has taken up the post of EIF Focal Point, and as of September 2013, Angola became one of three LDC representatives on the EIF Board.


With the recent push for increasing relations with Development Partners (DPs), the prospect for EIF activities in Angola looks positive. There have been Government assurances that the process will move forward including with the establishment of a National Steering Committee, demonstrating significant willingness to move forward with the implementation of the programme.

Outcome 1: Sufficient Institutional and management capacity built in EIF countries to formulate and implement Trade related strategies & implementation plans
Outcome IndicatorBaseline2013201420152016
O1.1 Tier 1 ' Support to NIAs' project completed or under implementationNoNo
O1.2 EIF Country with complete, up-to-date validated DTIS Action MatricesNoNo
O1.3 Level of capacity of NIU to perform fiduciary programme management for Tier 1 projectN/AN/A
O1.4 Country with up-to date trade strategiesNoNo
O1.5 Country with quality trade strategyN/AN/A
O1.6 Country with quality trade strategy implementedN/AN/A
Outcome 2: EIF countries mainstream trade into their national development strategies and plans
Outcome IndicatorBaseline2013201420152016
O2.1 Trade in PRSP and/or National development strategiesN/AN/A
O2.2 Existence of productive sector strategies integrating the trade dimensionNoNo
O2.3 Functioning public/private consultation mechanismN/AN/A
Outcome 3: Coordinated delivery of trade related resources (funding, TA etc.) by donors & implementing agencies to implement country priorities following adoption of DTIS Action Matrix
Outcome IndicatorBaseline2013201420152016
O3.1 Availability of an annual rolling implementation overview integrating all trade-related government & donor-supported activities (including gender & environment)NoNo
O3.2 Frequency of government and donor consultations on trade-related mattersN/AN/A
O3.3 UN CEB Cluster activities based on DTIS Matrix priorities in EIF CountriesNoNo
O3.4 Country with joint donor initiatives in the trade area (such as need assessment; strategy formulations; programming; pooled funding; M&E; etc.)NoNo
Outcome 4: EIF Countries secure resources in support of initiatives that address DTIS Action Matrix priorities
Outcome IndicatorBaseline2013201420152016
O4.1 Country with implementation plan integrating DTIS/Action Matrix priorities and indicating financing needs to be met through ODAN/AN/A
O4.2 Country where a Government budget exists for implementation of its trade strategyNoNo
O4.4 Number of projects funded by donors related to the DTIS Action MatrixN/AN/A
O4.4.1 Amount of projects funded by donors related to the DTIS Action Matrix (Million USD)N/AN/A

Alternative Focal Point

Mme. Filomena P. DE SOUSA
Director of Commerce, Secrétaire Executive du Cadre Intégré
Ministry of Tourism, Industry and Energy of Cape Verde
Luanda, Angola
Tel: (244) 923-32-04-83

UNDP Contact

Mme. Jocelline BAZILE-FINLEY
, Angola
Tel: -
M. Josué Gomes DE ALMEIDA
Economic Advisor
Rua Major Kanhangulo 197 P.O Box 910
Luanda, Angola
Tel: -
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