DTIS update
WTO accession

In coordination with local stakeholders and development partners, the EIF has supported Liberia in fostering trade integration and implementing trade‑related capacity building. The purpose of mainstreaming trade into the national development plan is to strengthen Liberia's participation in regional and global markets.

End date

The project aims at supporting Liberia's integration into the global trading system through strengthening the country's capacity to formulate and implement trade policies, mainstream trade in the national development plan and improve donor coordination on Aid for Trade.


  • All donor‑funded initiatives, including the EIF National Implementation Unit, have been incorporated under one umbrella called the Single Project Implementation Unit (SPIU) operated from the official offices of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry.
  • The SPIU coordinated the production of the Liberia WTO Post‑Accession Strategy and Implementation Plan.
  • At the WTO's Tenth Session of the Ministerial Conference held in Nairobi in December 2015, WTO Ministers formally approved Liberia's WTO membership terms.
  • Coordinated the production of the Liberia Rice Importation Policy.
  • The EIF National Steering Committee (NSC), which had previously not met in two years, held three meetings in 2015.
  • The Diagnostic Trade Integration Study Update 2013 was completed and validated by stakeholders.
  • NSC rejuvenated; 3 quarterly meetings held in as many quarters.
  • 571 beneficiaries (392 men, 179 women) participated in capacity‑building activities.
  • The Liberia Market Place, a one-stop showcase and sales shop for locally produced products, was established and promoted Liberian products at a wide range of events.
  • The first draft of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry Manual was completed.
  • Work is ongoing to synchronize the collection and publication of all trade data from source agencies. 

Simon Hess
Country Coordinator

Stephen T. MARVIE, Jr.
Deputy Minister for Commerce and Trade Commerce and Trade Services Department Ministry of Commerce and Industry Monrovia

Alex Shiaken
Director, Trade Services , Liberia