WTO accession
31 May 1995
2011 data - Sources: UNCTAD, World Bank, WTO, UN Comtrade

Mauritania was one of the three pilot countries selected in 2001 for the implementation of the Integrated Framework (IF) pilot projects. In this context, a Diagnostic Trade Integration Study (DTIS) was conducted and validated in November 2001. The recommendations of the DTIS were included in Mauritania's 2003 Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper.


Subsequently, four Window II projects were implemented under the IF, which included: Support to the Chamber of Commerce; Export promotion; Support to handicraft exports; Project to increase ownership of trade strategy.


These projects under the IF Trust Fund supported the establishment of fishing cooperatives and organized training in the areas of marketing, export promotion and use of market information.  A pilot unit for processing fish was operational at the end of the project and became a source of employment for artisanal fishermen.  This initiative ensured the dissemination of processing best practices for fish exports.


 In May 2007, Mauritania prepared its trade strategy for 2007‐2015 with the support of UNDP.


Mauritania has submitted a request for the development of a Tier 1 'Support to National Implementation Arrangements' project proposal and for a DTIS Update.

Outcome 1: Sufficient Institutional and management capacity built in EIF countries to formulate and implement Trade related strategies & implementation plans
Outcome IndicatorBaseline2013201420152016
O1.1 Tier 1 ' Support to NIAs' project completed or under implementationN/AN/A
O1.2 EIF Country with complete, up-to-date validated DTIS Action MatricesN/AN/A
O1.3 Level of capacity of NIU to perform fiduciary programme management for Tier 1 projectN/AN/A
O1.4 Country with up-to date trade strategiesN/AN/A
O1.5 Country with quality trade strategyN/AN/A
O1.6 Country with quality trade strategy implementedN/AN/A
Outcome 2: EIF countries mainstream trade into their national development strategies and plans
Outcome IndicatorBaseline2013201420152016
O2.1 Trade in PRSP and/or National development strategiesN/AN/A
O2.2 Existence of productive sector strategies integrating the trade dimensionN/AN/A
O2.3 Functioning public/private consultation mechanismN/AN/A
Outcome 3: Coordinated delivery of trade related resources (funding, TA etc.) by donors & implementing agencies to implement country priorities following adoption of DTIS Action Matrix
Outcome IndicatorBaseline2013201420152016
O3.1 Availability of an annual rolling implementation overview integrating all trade-related government & donor-supported activities (including gender & environment)N/AN/A
O3.2 Frequency of government and donor consultations on trade-related mattersN/AN/A
O3.3 UN CEB Cluster activities based on DTIS Matrix priorities in EIF CountriesN/AN/A
O3.4 Country with joint donor initiatives in the trade area (such as need assessment; strategy formulations; programming; pooled funding; M&E; etc.)N/AN/A
Outcome 4: EIF Countries secure resources in support of initiatives that address DTIS Action Matrix priorities
Outcome IndicatorBaseline2013201420152016
O4.1 Country with implementation plan integrating DTIS/Action Matrix priorities and indicating financing needs to be met through ODAN/AN/A
O4.2 Country where a Government budget exists for implementation of its trade strategyN/AN/A
O4.4 Number of projects funded by donors related to the DTIS Action MatrixN/AN/A
O4.4.1 Amount of projects funded by donors related to the DTIS Action Matrix (Million USD)N/AN/A

DTIS Update

Starting date / End date
Approved Budget
Board Approval Date
Expenditure Reported
MOU Approval Date
MOU Expiry Date

Focal Point

M. Mohamed OULD HITT
Directeur de la Promotion du  Commerce Extérieur
Ministère du Commerce, de l'Industrie de l'Artisanat et du Tourisme
BP 387, Nouakchott, Mauritanie
Nouakchott, Mauritania
Tel: (222) 4525 35 82


Cabinet du Ministre, Conseiller Technique
Ministère du Commerce, de l'Artisanat et du Tourisme
Immeuble du Gouvernement - 1er Etage BP: 182,
Nouakchott, Mauritania
Tel: +222-529-0927

Donor Facilitator

M. Mohamed Limam MALICK
European Commission
Nouakchott, Mauritania
Tel: +22245252724

WB Contact

Mr. Philip ENGLISH
Lead Economist
The World Bank
Dakar, Senegal, Mauritania
Tel: +221 33 859 4155
Mr. Gianluca MELE
The World Bank
-, Mauritania
Tel: +1 202 473 1067

UNDP Contact

M. Souleman BOUKAR
5, rue 42 - 163 - Tevragh Zeïna B.P. 213
Nouakchott, Mauritania
Tel: +222 525 27 24
Mauritania Annual Progress Report 2013
Mauritania Étude diagnostique sur l'intégration du commerce (EDIC) / DTIS 2001
Mauritania Diagnostic Trade Integration Study (DTIS) 2001: "A Poverty Focused Trade Strategy"
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Mauritania EDIC / DTIS Volume 2 Chapitre 2: Douanes 2001
Mauritania EDIC / DTIS Volume 2 Chapitre 3: Pêche 2001
Mauritania EDIC / DTIS Volume 2 Chapitre 4: Compétitivité 2001
Mauritania EDIC / DTIS Volume 2 Chapitre 5: Tourisme 2001
Mauritania EDIC / DTIS Volume 2 Chapitre 6: Agriculture 2001
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