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Working together with local stakeholders and development partners, the EIF has supported Tanzania in incorporating trade into several Ministries’ plans, strategies and budgets. Tanzania has also developed trade‑specific strategies on trade facilitation and value chain training. The EIF National Implementation Unit (NIU) has been fully integrated in the Ministry of Framework. The NIU is composed of Government officials under the Planning and Budgeting Section which is part of the Department of Policy and Planning in the Ministry. 



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This project seeks to strengthen the Ministry of Trade's institutional and human resources capacity to facilitate trade mainstreaming and ease the implementation of prioritized projects.


  • The Diagnostic Trade Integration Study Update launch workshop was held in November 2015.
  • Work began on the review of the 2003 National Trade Policy. This has included workshops to gather lessons learnt from the implementation of the existing trade policy. It has been decided to develop an entirely new National Trade Policy rather than update the 2003 version because it is outdated.
  • The IP Policy was finalized.
  • The following Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs) built the capacity of their staff to mainstream trade in plans and budgets:
  1. President’s Office Planning Commission;
  2. Ministry of Trade, Industries and Marketing;
  3. Tourism Commission;
  4. Ministry of Information, Culture, Tourism and Sports;
  5. Ministry of Communication and Infrastructures;
  6. Ministry of Livestock and Fisheries;
  7. Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources;
  8. Ministry of Empowerment, Children, Youth and Women;
  9. Zanzibar Investment Promotion Authority;

10. Zanzibar State Trading Corporation; and

11. Zanzibar Bureau of Standards.

  • The Zanzibar National Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Agriculture; the Zanzibar Association of Tour Operators; and the Association of Vegetables and Fruit Growers have also built the capacity of their staff to mainstream trade.
  • 120 beneficiaries (78 men, 42 women) participated in an avocado value chain training in Iringa, Njombe, and Mbeya.
  • In Zanzibar, a two‑day workshop was held by the Ministry of Trade, Industries and Marketing in August 2015 where 29 planning officers of MDAs gathered at the Ministry of Trade, Industries and Marketing. The workshop participants identified several areas that need further aid for trade to make the trade sector grow and effectively contribute to economic growth of Zanzibar. 

Ally Senga Gugu
Director of Trade Integration Ministry of Industry and Trade Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

Head of Programmes and Project Coordination Unit Policy and Planning Ministry of Industry, Trade and Investment Dar es Salaam

Assistant Director – Multilateral Trade Trade Integration Ministry of Industry, Trade and Investment Dar es Salaam

Stefan ADAM
Donor Facilitator, USAID