EIF Portfolio

In 2013, allocations for EIF activities totaled US$38.6 million, for a grand total of US$132.6 million. The 2013 allocations for EIF activities consisted mainly of Tier 2 projects (almost US$24 million) and a few Tier 1 projects (US$7 million).

The total Least Developed Country (LDC) national implementation allocation is over US$66.5 million, representing 50.2% of allocations. LDC implementation has continued at a steady pace with growing demand for Tier 2 projects from LDCs.

Agency implementation has decreased due to increased Tier 2 project implementation by LDCs, to US$4.8 million in 2013, with a grand total of almost US$25.3 million.

IF UNDP Transfer, Co-mingled Funds 31,542,678 USD
Norway 27,452,454 USD
Finland 21,991,289 USD
Denmark 21,204,371 USD
Sweden 19,495,685 USD
Canada 19,109,695 USD
United Kingdom 16,393,425 USD
European Commission 12,569,122 USD
France 11,757,750 USD
Germany 10,176,277 USD
Luxembourg 7,099,252 USD
Spain 6,953,378 USD
Australia 5,479,006 USD
Interest EIF Income 5,199,077 USD
Saudi Arabia, Kingdom of 3,500,000 USD
Ireland 3,238,338 USD
Belgium 2,755,864 USD
Korea, Republic of 1,500,000 USD
Switzerland 1,162,789 USD
Turkey 1,000,000 USD
Japan 733,525 USD
Interest EIF Income 2011 706,402 USD
Interest EIF Income 2012 670,049 USD
Interest EIF Income 2009 624,402 USD
Interest EIF Income 2013 622,896 USD
United States of America 600,000 USD
Interest EIF Income 2014 535,479 USD
Interest EIF Income 2008 478,842 USD
Hungary 400,000 USD
Interest EIF Income 2010 392,144 USD
Iceland 200,000 USD
Estonia 176,716 USD
Interest IF Finland SubTrust Fund 15,280 USD