Enhanced Integrated Framework (EIF)

for trade-related assistance for Least Developed Countries (LDC)

Fund Portfolio

In 2012, allocations for EIF activities totaled close to US$40 million, for a grand total of almost US$94.8 million. The 2012 allocations for EIF activities consisted mainly of Tier 2 projects (totaling almost US$14 million) and a few Tier 1 projects (US$3.5 million). The total LDC implementation allocation is over US$46.8 million, representing approximately 49% of allocations. LDC implementation has continued at a steady pace with growing demand for Tier 2 projects from LDCs.

Agency implementation has greatly increased due to the partnership agreements, particularly for DTIS/DTISU and Tier 2 projects, totaling US$12.8 million in 2012, with a grand total of almost US$20.4 million.

IF UNDP Transfer, Co-mingled Funds 31,542,678
Government of Norway 24,704,908
Government of Canada 19,109,695
Government of Denmark 16,916,942
Government of Sweden 14,299,175
European Commission 12,569,122
Government of United Kingdom 12,274,690
Government of French Republic 9,597,278
Federal Republic of Germany 8,750,838
Government of Finland 8,518,283
Government of the Kingdom of Spain 6,953,378
Government of Luxembourg 4,947,032
Government of Australia 3,963,800
Republic of Ireland 3,238,338
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 3,000,000
Government of Belgium 2,755,864
Government of the Republic of Turkey 1,000,000
Government of the Republic of Korea 1,000,000
Government of Japan 733,525
Interest EIF Income 2011 706,402
Interest EIF Income 2012 670,049
Interest EIF Income 2009 624,402
Interest EIF Income 2013 622,896
Government of United States 600,000
Interest EIF Income 2008 478,842
Government of Republic of Hungary 400,000
Interest EIF Income 2010 392,144
Government of Iceland 200,000
Government of the Swiss Confederation 162,789
Republic of Estonia 125,536
Interest IF UNDP Holding Account 76,779
Interest IF Finland SubTrust Fund 15,280