The Partnership at work


Country Level:

The National EIF Focal Point (FP)

The FP leads the EIF process in-country – usually a senior government official appointed by the LDC and supported by an EIF National Implementation Unit (NIU).

The EIF Donor Facilitator (DF)

The DF works with the FP to facilitate donor coordination and the donor/government dialogue on trade issues and Aid for Trade. The DF is a representative from the donor community active in supporting an LDC's trade agenda and is identified by the government and other donors.

The EIF National Steering Committee (NSC)

The NSC is the senior-level forum for decision-making and coordination among government partners on trade, the private sector, civil society and the donor community.

Global Level:

The EIF Steering Committee

The EIF Steering Committee (EIFSC) reviews the overall effectiveness of the EIF and ensures transparency of the EIF process. The Steering Committee is made up of all LDCs, all Donors to the EIF Trust Fund (EIFTF), the six EIF Core Agencies, the ES and the TFM ex officio, and others granted observer status by the EIF Board.

The EIF Board

The EIF Board is the key decision-making body for the EIF programme looking at policy, financial and operational issues. The EIF Board is made up of three capital-based LDC and Donor representatives each, members from the Core and Observer Agencies, as well as the ES and the TFM ex officio.

The Executive Secretariat for the EIF

The Executive Secretariat for the EIF (ES) is housed in the WTO and works in support of the programme together with the EIF Trust Fund Manager.

The EIF Trust Fund Manager

The EIF Trust Fund Manager is represented through the United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS) as selected by the EIF Board.