The EIF's top Donor Norway contributes NOK 23 million for trade-related projects in the world's poorest countries

The Government of Norway has contributed NOK 23 million (US$D2.7 million) of its NOK 150 million (US$17.8 million) pledge for the second phase of the Enhanced Integrated Framework (EIF): Trade for LDC Development programme.


The EIF supports the Least Developed Countries (LDCs) to create a trade-conducive environment and work towards a wider goal of promoting economic growth and sustainable development.


Norway has been a long-standing development partner of the EIF and has played an active role in shaping Phase Two of the programme. Norway was the first donor to pledge for EIF Phase Two, was the EIF's top Donor for EIF Phase One, and now is again the top Donor for EIF Phase Two.  


"Norway is happy to make a substantial contribution to the EIF’s important work in the LDCs. Our support, together with that of other donors, will help ensure a solid financial basis for this effort in the years to come," says H.E. Mr Harald Neple, Ambassador and Permanent Representative of Norway in Geneva, adding, "We also hope to see more resources leveraged through other partners and sources, which is an important part of the EIF’s focus for the second phase of the programme. We look forward to seeing the LDCs actively exploit the opportunities of trade as a result.”


Mr Ratnakar Adhikari, the Executive Director of the Executive Secretariat for the EIF, comments, "As our top Donor, Norway remains a committed champion for the EIF. Norway's generous and forthcoming contribution to the EIF Trust Fund sets the gold standard for others to follow. Norway is a true global champion of the Aid for Trade agenda in the LDCs. Norway's funding will be used to help the poorest countries to develop trade strategies and undertake activities that enable businesses to grow and exploit trade potentials, as well as support job and income opportunities for women and youth".


Notes to the editors:


The EIF is a multi-donor trust fund, which provides coordinated financial and technical support to build trade capacity in all 48 LDCs and three graduated countries. The EIF is the only global Aid for Trade programme exclusively designed for the LDCs and is, therefore, uniquely placed to assist countries to develop sustainable trade strategies, which have a positive impact on people's lives through the promotion of private sector development and job and income opportunities. The EIF is recognized under Goal 8A of the Sustainable Development Goals.


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