Aid For Trade

Similarly, the WTO declared "technical cooperation and capacity building" with regard to developing capacities for least-developed and low-income countries as a priority for the Doha Round. At the Sixth Session of its Ministerial Conference held in Hong Kong in December of 2005, the WTO reaffirmed its intention to take on an important role in this area by launching the AfT Initiative. As a result of this Initiative, which involved not only the WTO but also other organizations, donor contributions increased further, and an annual event, the Global Review of Aid for Trade, was created.

The progress of AfT towards its desired results is assessed by a joint WTO-OECD monitoring and evaluation framework. This framework annually publishes a report of Aid for Trade at a Glance. Another report by this framework, focusing on LDCs, concluded in 2011 that there had been a "steady, if hard-won progress" in achieving AfT results. It also showcased success stories such as that of Cabo Verde, which graduated from the LDC list in 2008 with assistance notably from the EIF.