BURKINA FASO: Promoting rural livelihoods' futures through inclusive trade

“Sesame is resistant to drought, and this makes its price very encouraging… through sale of sesame, I have built a new house, paid for my children’s school fees and bought them new bicycles.”

Fao is very optimistic as he describes the profit margin that his family would receive after increasing sesame land cultivation from 12 to 15 hectares. This would mean over FCFA 6,000,000 (approx. US$10,338) per harvesting yield. Fao is joined by other enthusiastic members benefitting from the EIF project contributing to the growth of sesame export revenues and improving the incomes of rural farmers, producers and entrepreneurs, all involved in the sesame value chain. With sesame being a major source of income for rural people, especially women, who represent approximately 43% of active producers in four regions, the project empowers them to support themselves and their families to afford access to health care, food, shelter and other basic amenities. The project also provides skills training and opportunities for new partnerships, e.g., with buyers from Vietnam and Gulf Countries through the International Fair in Riyadh in Saudi Arabia.