EIF is strongly rooted in the power of strategic partnerships and collaborative efforts to build the poorest countries' capacity to trade. In LDCs, we work closely with the private sector as part of the stakeholders consulted in our research and analysis, and as key contributors in our trade sector support efforts.

We work closely with regional development banks, which at times act as EIF Donor Facilitator liaison, as with the African Development Bank in Burkina Faso. Regional banks, bodies and organizations provide additional resources to implement joint trade capacity‑building projects and play a major role in supporting countries' trade policies and national priorities.

EIF believes that dynamic partnerships with corporate partners are essential to support our role in harnessing trade for LDC growth. Corporate partners can contribute actively and benefit on a variety of fronts within the EIF partnership, including:

  • strategic philanthropy through contributions, investments and in-kind contributions
  • training and capacity building
  • trade policy and advocacy
  • innovations and trade solutions
  • access to a pool of technical expertise, and national and global networks.