Diagnostic Trade Integration Study (DTIS) 2012
DTIS update N/A
WTO accession 2016

EIF has been instrumental in Afghanistan's accession to the WTO, providing necessary analysis, support with stakeholder trade consultations and more.

The programme's analytical work has helped ministries zero in on trade issues and incorporate them into the country's National Development Plan, and EIF is committed to supporting Afghanistan's post-accession agenda along with its national trade priorities.

MOU 25/12/16
Budget 900'000
End date 22/12/19

EIF is working to ensure Afghanistan is armed with a trade agenda conducive to sustainable growth, and that the country increases its presence in target international markets.

  • Afghanistan National Development Strategy Executive Summary (2008-2013)

  • Afghanistan Diagnostic Trade Integration Study (DTIS) (November 2012)


Habibullah Asadullah
EIF Focal Point (Trade Advisor, Ministry of Industry and Commerce)

Stanislav Toshkov
EIF Donor Facilitator (Delegation of the European Union to Afghanistan)

Hang Tran
Country Coordinator