Diagnostic Trade Integration Study (DTIS) 2015
DTIS update N/A
WTO accession 1995

In Bangladesh, EIF is familiarizing government officials and the public on the importance of trade for sustainable growth and poverty reduction.

The programme offers a platform for local officials and development partners to discuss trade, as well as providing a coordination forum to prioritize trade in policy and practice.

MOU 27/11/15
Budget 300'000
End date 27/11/18

EIF is working to strengthen national institutional capacity and develop human resources to prioiritize trade in Bangladesh's development planning. 


  • Providing analytical work that offers inputs for trade policy as well as for Bangladesh's five‑year plan.
  • Linking trade analytics to Bangladesh's Comprehensive Trade Policy, developed with the support of the European Union and used to guide the Government and donors on trade policy implementation.
  • Diagnostic Trade Integration Study serving as basis in prioritizing trade in overall development strategy and at relevant ministries. 
MOU 26/08/18
Budget 1'100'000
End date 26/08/21

EIF is supporting Bangladesh's export diversification and the creation of skilled jobs, including in the sectors of ready-made garments and jute, the pharmaceutical industry and high quality agro-processed food.

  • Bangladesh Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper (2005)

  • Bangladesh Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper (2011-2015)

  • Diagnostic Trade Integration Study: Toward New Sources of Competitiveness in Bangladesh (2016)

  • Bangladesh DTIS Action Matrix (2016)

  • Bangladesh DTIS Volume II 2016: Strengthening Competitiveness in Bangladesh — Thematic Assessment


Hafizur Rahman
NIU Coordinator (Director, WTO Cell, Ministry of Commerce)

Md. Munir Chowdhury
EIF Focal Point

Hang Tran
Country Coordinator