Diagnostic Trade Integration Study (DTIS) 2005
DTIS update 2015
WTO accession 1996

In coordination with local stakeholders and development partners, the EIF has developed an action plan aimed at fostering trade integration and trade-related capacity building in Benin. The EIF has supported Benin in incorporating these actionable priorities in their Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper and their National Trade Development Strategy. Targeted support in key sectors such as pineapple, shea almond and cashews has enhanced women’s involvement in trade and strengthened Benin’s multilateral trading system by promoting and diversifying its exports, products and services.

MOU 19/09/11
Budget 1'499'991
End date 31/10/17

The goal of the project is to better integrate Benin into the global trading system by strengthening institutional capacities to formulate and implement national trade strategies and policies.


  • Priorities identified in the DTISU and its Action Matrix are being incorporated into Benin’s new poverty reduction strategy 2016-2020.
  • Integrated trade into sectoral strategies on agriculture, industry, tourism and transport.
  • A National Aid for Trade Strategy was validated in May 2015.
  • Distributed 24 pieces of equipment to actors in the palm oil value chain, including 1 palm oil press, 3 moto tricycles and 20 balances.
  • 45 women hyacinth entrepreneurs received management training, of which 22 were trained on product diversification.
  • 60 people participated in sensitization workshops on the importance of trade for development.
MOU 31/12/14
Budget 2'999'089
End date 31/12/18

The objective of the project is to contribute to poverty reduction by strengthening the production, commercial and exporting capacities of Beninese companies. The project will provide technical assistance to SMEs in the pineapple, shea almond and cashew value chains for production, quality control and commercialization.


  • 35 managers from trade support institutions and from the private sector participated in an ITC-led training covering tools for discovering and managing export markets in June 2015.
  • 15 actors in the shea almond value chain participated in a “training of trainers” in November 2015.
  • Prepared 5 training modules on trade integration, negotiation, competition, rules of origin and market access.
  • Prepared a report on the regulatory environment governing imports and exports, as well as customs laws with the goal of simplifying procedures to facilitate the development of SMEs and allow them to access financing and business support services. 
  • Aide-Mémoire - Main Mission / Mission Principale

  • Aide-Mémoire - Preparatory Mission / Mission Préliminaire

  • Benin Matrice d'Action/ Action Matrix 2005

    English French
  • Benin: Etude Diagnostique d'Intégration au Commerce (EDIC)/ Diagnostic Trade Integration Study (DTIS) 2005

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  • Growth Strategy for Poverty Reduction (SCRP), April 2007

  • Progress Report on the Growth Strategy for Poverty Reduction (SCRP), August 2007

  • Benin Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper 2011

    English French
  • Benin Annual Progress Report 2013

  • Benin DTIS Update 2015

  • Benin DTISU 2015

  • BeninActionMatrix_Dec05.pdf

  • BeninDTIS_Dec05.pdf

  • Benin_DTISU_2015.pdf


Jean-Bernard Favi
Directeur général et Point focal du CIR Direction générale du commerce Ministère de l'Industrie du Commerce et de l'Artisanat Cotonou

Donor Facilitator, Embassy of The Netherlands in Cotonou

Pramila Crivelli

Agninou Rémy Sohou
Project Manager - Ministry of Industry and Trade - Directorate General for Trade - National Secretary of Enhanced Integrated Framework

Euloge C.V. Houngbo
National Coordinator - Ministry of Industry and Trade - Directorate General for Trade - National Secretary of Enhanced Integrated Framework