Diagnostic Trade Integration Study (DTIS) 2012
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With the help of local stakeholders and development partners, the EIF is supporting Bhutan in incorporating trade into the national development strategy. The key strategies include diversification of export markets, trade liberalization, private sector and infrastructure development, and institutional and professional capacity development. 

MOU 12/12/17
Budget 600'000
End date 31/12/19

The aim of the project is to provide institutional strength for trade mainstreaming, donor coordination and resource mobilization for addressing trade-related needs.




  • Bhutan’s trade strategy is included in the Economic Development Policy 2014 and the Eleventh Five Year plan (2013-2018).
  • Bhutan Chamber of Commerce and Industry has been established as a forum to discuss all business-related issues in the economy and for consultation with the government.
  • Gross National Happiness Commission meets every six months with the donors to enhance government-donor consultations, enhancing public-private communication.
  • EIF National Implementation Unit has been fully integrated into the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MEA).
  • Regional Trade and Industry Offices have been set in various parts of the country to help carry out trade/commerce-related service delivery by the Ministry/Department of Trade.
  • Government to Citizen Service Portal visualizing all public services online has been initiated. MEA has more than 35 services roll out among which the majority are trade-related.
  • Export exhibition centre was established in Thimphu in February 2017 with the aim to minimize imports by promoting local products consumption and to promote exports through showcasing products and information of more than 50 private firms and cooperatives, contributing to the Eleventh Five Year plan.
  • A fruitful exchange programme was organized between EIF National Steering Committee Members of Bhutan with Lao PDR counterparts in Vientiane.
  • The project partly funded the drafting and finalization of the Draft Competition Policy and the Draft Trade Development Act.
  • A round table meeting with donors is held every year by the Gross National Happiness Commission.

A number of trainings for 21 officials have been undertaken on business opportunity identification and innovative strategies for promotion of cottage and small industries; administrative support, personnel and office management; and statistical analysis of data and report generation plus use of STATA software. Training programmes, bilateral discussions as well as institutional visits have been undertaken in Japan, Malaysia and the Philippines.   

MOU 15/05/17
Budget 1'482'270
End date 14/05/20

The project seeks to provide a sounder Information and Communications Technology (ICT) ecosystem for trade development by accelerating access to ICT for targeted sectors (goods and services) and improving data, information and business opportunities available on improved electronic platforms.


The project is based on the rationale that a reliable ICT ecosystem (hardware and software) accelerates the integration of Bhutan into regional and global trade.

  • Bhutan's Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper (PRSP) 2008-2013

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  • Bhutan Diagnostic Trade Integration Study (DTIS) 2012

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  • Bhutan DTIS Action Matrix 2012

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  • Bhutan_DTIS_Action_Matrix.pdf

  • Bhutan_DTIS_2012.pdf


Hang Tran
Country Coordinator

Sonam Tenzin

Choki Tshewang
Coordinator/Trade Officer Department of Trade / NIU Ministry of Economic Affairs Thimphu

Sonam Choden
Project Assistant Department of Trade / NIU Ministry of Economic Affairs Thimphu

Tshewang Dorji
Chief Trade Officer, Department of Trade

Gerald Daly
Resident Coordinator UN in Bhutan, Resident Representative UN Development Programme

Tandin Wangchuk
Vice President Bhutan Chamber of commerce and Industry

Thinley Lham
Chairperson Handicraft Association of Bhutan

Dorji Phuntsho
Chief Executive Officer - Royal Securities Exchange of Bhutan LTD.

Loknath Chapagai
Specialist - Department of Industry - Ministry of Economic Affairs

Kapil M Sharma
Chief Executive Officer - Bhutan Duty Free Limited