Diagnostic Trade Integration Study (DTIS) 2010
DTIS update N/A
WTO accession 1995

With the help of local stakeholders and development partners, the EIF has supported Togo to incorporate trade into sector strategies for 12 ministries. The purpose of mainstreaming trade into sectoral policies is to strengthen Togo’s participation in global and regional markets. Targeted support of the soybean value chain has also provided opportunities for training on agricultural practices and women’s economic empowerment. 

MOU 17/01/12
Budget 1'500'000
End date 31/03/18

The project aims to enable Togo to become a fully integrated and active player in, and beneficiary of, the global trading system by mainstreaming trade and addressing trade‑related constraints.


  • 750 economic operators across five regions were trained on new commercial regulations and different development programmes.
  • 72 trade support professionals participated in a training workshop on the EIF, trade and gender.
  • The Ministry of Trade developed a communications strategy and a training strategy.
MOU 27/02/15
Budget 3'000'000
End date 31/12/18

The project aims to strengthen the production and marketing capacities of the soybean value chain. The beneficiaries of the project are soybean producers, processors and exporters, with a focus on women’s economic empowerment.


  • The first National Soybean Fair was held in Sokodé in December 2015 where 17 companies exhibited and sold their soybean products.
  • 36 participants from the private sector, the primary sector and the public administration participated in training on financing agricultural exports and international payment modes.
  • An inventory of soybean processing units is ongoing, and a preliminary report is available. This will be followed by a diagnostic study of processing units that are facing difficulties.
  • The Association for the Promotion of the Cultivation and Marketing of Soyahas identified the different types of soybean growing practices in use and the constraints and priorities faced by producers.
  • 162 staff of the Institute for Technical Advice and Supportparticipated in workshops across five regions to learn about the project.
  • Aide-Mémoire Main Mission / Mission Principale

  • Aide-Mémoire - Preparatory Mission / Mission Préparatoire

  • Togo Matrice d'Action / Action Matrix 2010

  • Togo Etude Diagnostique sur l'Intégration du Commerce (EDIC) / Diagnostic Trade Integration Study (DTIS) 2010

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  • Togo Annual Progress Report 2013

  • Togo_CEM_DTIS_full_report_Oct_2010_english-final.pdf

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Talime Abe
Point Focal Direction du Commerce Intérieur et de la Concurrence Ministère du Commerce, de l'Industrie, de la Promotion du Secteur Privé et du Tourisme Lomé

Bassolawoe Koka
Coordonnateur SMOCIR Ministère du Commerce, de l'Industrie, de la Promotion du Secteur Privé et du Tourisme Lomé

Rachid Darago
Chef Section Suivi Évaluation Secrétariat Général Ministère du Commerce, de l'Industrie, de la Promotion du Secteur Privé et du Tourisme Lomé

Patrick Kiti
Responsable suivi évaluation

Donor Facilitator, UNDP

Kossi Zikpi GADAGBUI
Responsable Administratif et Financier du SMOCIR

Tekentou TCHEPAN
Chef Projet Soja

Assistant en suivi Evaluation du Projet Soja

Assistant en Suivi Evaluation du Projet Soja

Daniel Y. Komlan
Directeur Général - Agrokom Togo

Rachid Darago
Project Manager - Afrik Impact

Gbemu Kofi Mawufelolo Ahose
Chef Division des Secteurs Secondaires et Tertiaires - Ministere de la Planification du Developpement

Baly Ouattara
Policy Adviser Effective Development

Nassoma Watara
Administrateur Général - Togo Ressources Ingénierie Assistance Développement

Siaka Coulibaly
Représentant Résident Adjoint - UNDP

Wim Vandenbroucke
Premier Conseiller - Chef de la Section finance, Contrats et Audits - Délégation de l'Union européenne au Togo

Paul B. Koka
Administrateur des finances coordonnateur National du SMOCIR