With the support of EIF, Vanuatu successfully secured funder commitments to Aid for Trade projects, and trade is an element of institutional focus.

EIF is working with the Government on targeted strategic support in the tourism sector, with strong emphasis on improved value chains, job creation and poverty reduction.


On Vanuatu's eTrade readiness

Working together to support Vanuatu-made products

EIF is working to develop and reinforce institutional capacities to create and implement trade strategies, and incorporate them into Vanuatu's development plans. This includes managing Aid for Trade with a focus on resource leveraging, and supporting the private sector.


  • Enhanced capacity of Department of External Trade at the Ministry of Trade, Commerce, Industry and Tourism and the Trade Development Division through participation in trade negotiations and international meetings
  • Increased visibility of local goods and services and promoted launch of Vanuatu Tourism Infrastructure project by holding National Trade Fair in August 2015
  • Established Trade Policy Framework (TPF), and Trade Policy Framework Implementation Matrix (TPFIM) is updated at least three times a year. The TPF and the TPIFM are strategic documents that attract attention from funders for their ability to provide comprehensive updates on trade policy implementation and identify potential funding gaps.
  • Trade Development Division (NIU) facilitating growth in Aid for Trade from US$1 million at start to over US$30 million now

With the Government and partners, EIF helped transform the seafront of Port Villa following Cyclone Pam into a functional, safe and attractive area, and the new port is expected to contribute to a 36% increase in tourism arrivals. This work is a major breakthrough in terms of Aid for Trade coordination and EIF capacity to leverage additional resources, with a total of US$18.8 million raised (Government of New Zealand contributed US$15,593,400, in addition to US$3,150,000 from the EIF Trust Fund and US$61,900 from the Government of Vanuatu).

EIF is working with the Government of Vanuatu to increase the country's trade competitiveness by reducing the cost and time it takes to trade across borders. The Electronic Single Window will enable traders to submit all information related to the clearance process electronically, only once, at a single-entry point and as a single submission; discontinue the practice of manual submissions; allow for real-time tracking of the clearance process and of its different stages; allow for all payments related to the clearance process to be made at a single-entry point; and provide the option of electronic bank transfers.

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