Mar 25


Digital Event


Digital transformation in Least Developed Countries for efficient and safe cross-border e-commerce and customs clearance

08:00-09:30 (CET)

Thursday, 25 March 2021



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The COVID-19 pandemic is only one of the elements currently impacting development of cross-border ecommerce. With the resulting “parcelisation of trade”, posts play a pivotal role collaborating with customs in the implementation of the relevant Trade Facilitation Agreement provisions.  In 2021 the UNCTAD and the Universal Postal Union launched an effort in 22 LDCs to facilitate the clearance of postal packages through the exchange of pre-arrival/pre-departure information between postal operators and customs administrations. Vanuatu serves as proof of this concept. The project is co-funded by the Enhanced Integrated Framework, and its mission is to increase border efficiency by reducing customs processing times in cross-border e-commerce while overcoming COVID-19 and other trade restrictions. In turn, the project will contribute to enhance Vanuatu’s digital readiness to engage in and benefit from e-commerce. Building on cooperation under the umbrella of the eTrade for all partnership, this session will zoom into Vanuatu’s approach for more efficient cross-border e-commerce and shed light on how this can be beneficial for digital transformation in LDCs, which has become even more timely for post-pandemic recovery efforts and Building Back Better strategies.


  • Mr. Roy Mickey Joy - Director General of Trade, Vanuatu

  • Ms. Shamika N. Sirimanne - Director of the Division on Technology and Logistics, UNCTAD

  • Mr. Siva Somasundram - Director of Policy, Regulations and Markets, UPU


  • Mr. Stanley Trief - Manager, Vanuatu Electronic Single Window Project

  • Ms. Sophia Fogarty - General Manager, Dynamic Vanuatu

  • Mr. Constantin Ciuta - ASYCUDA Senior Customs Adviser, UNCTAD

  • Mr. Javier Garcia - Customs Programme Expert, UPU

  • Mr. Andrew Liunamel - CEO Vanuatu Post

  • Mr. Alessandro Vitale - eT Ready Programme Management Officer, UNCTAD


  • Mrs. Luisa Letlet - Principal Trade Development Officer, Ministry of Tourism, Trade, Industry, Commerce and Ni-Vanuatu Business

  • Mr. Walter Trezek - Chair UPU Consultative Committee, UPU

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