Partner with us

Support from development partners is a key component to the EIF's success.

The EIF initiative brings together LDC governments, donors and other development partners, helping them align their efforts toward a single, mutually desirable goal: harnessing trade for LDC growth. In addition to critical financial support, many of our partners provide technical assistance and expertise for EIF Countries that LDC governments can then leverage to create a thriving economy based on sustainable growth.

Be a leader

Support programmes that transform lives in measurable ways in some of the world’s most impoverished areas.

Build a more inclusive trading system

Help LDCs build their trade capacity sustainably and effectively.

Increase your impact

Deliver concrete results and reduce duplication of efforts by coordinating with other development partners.

Support sustainable development

Work towards achieving numerous targets under the Sustainable Development Goals through EIF projects.

Our partners

The EIF is founded on a simple premise: Aid for Trade works for LDCs when it is aligned with government priorities and informed by the experience of international development agencies. This fundamental belief is embedded into the very DNA of the programme and reflected in its trilateral leadership structure.